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Clinch Clip - Spring Clip Tools Machines - Locknail Machine

Clinch Clips - Spring Anchor Clips - Locknails

Clinch Clip - Spring Clip Tools Machines

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Applications - Features - Benefits

Fasteners Used


  • Upholstered Furniture, Bedding, Autoseats, Cages with hinge applications, Wire Forms For Concrete Pipe

  • Square Blade Clipping Tool. Tool forms clip in a round tube for hinge applications as well as gives tight, uniform appearance on fixed wire to wire fastening. For small gauge wire (10-14 gauge)

CL, CLP(13, 15)


  • Animal cages, Bird feeders w/1/2 in. grid

  • Tool has thin and narrow anvil.

  • Provides clipping access for small gauge wire on tight grids (i.e., 1/2" x 1/2").

CL, CLP(13, 15)



CCP-33, 32



CCP-13, 19, 26


  • Concertina Security Fence

  • This clip tool combined with a stainless steel clip HR-CL-615430D will secure loops of concertine barbed wire.

  • Tool and clip have detent for slip resistance.

CL, CLP(61)


  • Furniture, including Hi Loop Sinuous w/ Reduced Clearance

  • Automotive, Furniture, Non-Domestic

  • Model 85C Light Clipping Tool

2312, 23, 2412, 24, 29


  • Driving Power: 2,000 Magazine Capacity: 25 to 45 collated clips

  • 25 to 45 Collated Clips Magazine Borderwire to Wire Spring Clipping Tool

  • Clinching tool squeezes instead of folding the clip around wires

  • In one step the driver blade cleanly picks up a clip from the magazine, places it around the wires and the driver and anvil form the clip into a tight strong wire bond

CL, CLP 312, 3, 4


  • Automotive, Furniture, Non-Domestic

  • Model 85C Light Clipping Tool

  • Square Blade

CL, CLP-20


  • Drop-in Units, Pet Cages w/Hinge Applications

  • Model 85C Light Clipping Tool

  • Square Blade

CL, CLP-34


  • Bedding, Rebuilders and Custom Size Units

  • Model 85C Light Clipping Tool

  • Angle Blade

CL, CLP-312, 3, 4, 34


  • Pet Cages, Concrete Slabs, Pipe

  • Model 86C Light Clipping Tool

  • Square Blade

CL, CLP-36


  • Lobster Traps, 7/8 " Clips

  • Model 86C Light Clipping Tool

CL,-34AL, 36AL, 34NAL, 36NAL


  • Lobster Traps, 3/4" Clips Only, 1 in x 1 in Grid

  • Model 85C Light Clipping Tool

  • Thin, Narrow Blade and Anvil



  • Bedding Applications  Tool, Foundations, Non-Domestic

  • Light Clipping Tool

CL, CLP(36-10)


  • Bedding, Concrete Slabs, Pipe

  • Light Clipping Tool

  • Bedding

  • Concrete Pipe

  • Gabions

CL, CLP(38)

HR-LN Securing upholstery panels to frame 

  • The LockNail™ system is a competitively priced upholstery panel nailing system allowing quick and easy applications of a hard galvanized steel fastener to cardboard or composite board upholstery panel. The system improves quality with accurate placement of nails and reduces panel failure by eliminating nail pop-thru in upholstery material. As the locknail is driven through the panel by a pneumatic “Stapler” three barbs pierce the material. The two smaller tabs are clinched like a staple securing the low profile head to the panel. The third larger tab is a strong thin ribbed nail available in 3/4" and 15/16" lengths. After this 'pre-nailing' padding and cover material are applied to the panel during the finishing operation. The panel can then be securely nailed to the furniture frame using a mallet or block of wood.

HR-LN-2, HR-LN-3




T40S5CLP Spring Anchor Clip Stapler

  • Weight: 4.7 lbs, 2.13 kilos

  • Fastener Gauge: 16

  • Fastener Range" 1/2 to 1-1/2

  • Fastener Size Maximum: 1-1/2

  • Fastener Size Minimum: 1/2

  • Magazine Capacity: 168

  • Low volume over the rail spring clip placement or applications using plywood back posts

  • Ability to pre-insert OSK clip in to tool prior to stapling

  • Magnetic nose holds OSK clip in place for precise alignment of staple legs over clip holes

  • Attachment of other sinous spring clips to frame seat and back rails


Borderwire sides to innersprings

Call for Pricing

Weight 2000 lbs, 907.2 kilos
Magazine Capacity 9,375 to 15,625

Used in conjunction with the coil clip system for clipping borderwire to sides of inner spring assemblies.

Clipping speed for Bonnel/Offset Bonnel and LFK coil assemblies is faster than previous VRC models. A single machine will now easily keep up with an experienced operator on the coil clip system.

The process of clipping an innerspring is as follows: An innerspring is taken off the transfer/coiler by an operator and placed on the Rotating Work table. The operator retrieves two border wires and positions them on the innerspring. They are attached to the perimeter corner coils using Clip Tool. The unit is now pre-clipped and is taken off the table and placed on the VRC Machine. The operator presses the start button and the machine runs automatically to finish attaching the border wires. While the machine clips the border wires the operator pre-clips another unit. The NEW faster VRC will finish clipping at the same time the operator finishes the second pre-clipping operation. The next pre-clipped unit is placed on the right side of the machine, the machine is started and the first finished unit is unloaded.

  • CE complaint option available
  • Programmable in English and Spanish.

    VRC - 9,375 to 15,625 Clips Magazine 2,000 Lbs.(2,500 Lbs. Crated) VRC Machine