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We feature the most complete line of Stanley Bostitch air nailers and Bostitch staplers. Buy fasteners including BeA or Senco nails and staples online. Our pneumatic Spenax hog ring tools and manual pliers provide the performance you demand. We sell aluminum, galvanized or stainless steel collated nails, staples, clips or hog rings to fit your air nailer, air or hand stapler, clip tool or hog ring gun. Buy ring shank or screw shank coil nails and strip nails, staples, c-ring or d-rings. Our line also includes Hartco clinch clip or spring anchor clip tools and clips. Make your job easier. Order fastening tools and collated fasteners for construction, industrial packaging, furniture, nursery, cage and trap applications today.

Air Nailers | Air Nails

Bostitch nail guns and collated Bostitch nails are available online. Check out our complete line of pneumatic Bostitch nailers and Bostitch nails.

Stanley Bostitch nail guns and pneumatic collated nails are available.

Bostitch® Nailers

Pneumatic Collated Bositch Nails

Stanley Bostitch nailers and collated nails are here. Order air coil nailers, stick framing nailers or finish nailers today. We feature a complete-line of Bostitch coil or stick nails. We carry aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized nails. Buy brads, pins, finish nails online.

BeA air nailers and nails for BeA nail guns.

BeA® Nailers

Pneumatic Collated Nails to fit BeA®

BeA coil, stick and finish nailers are available. Bradders, pinners, finish nails and coil or stick nails are here. Buy headless pins, corrugated fasteners and brads. Order your BeA nailers or BeA nails online. Check out our BeA nail and BeA air nailer selection now. Read more....

Senco air nailers and pneumatic collated nails for Senco staple guns.

Senco® Nailers

Pneumatic Collated Nails to fit Senco®

Pneumatic Senco nailers coil, stick and finish nailers are featured online. Senco nails available online now include brads, pins, finish nails and coil or stick nails fit most nailers.

Stanley Bostitch parts repair kits are available at packagingandfastening.com online.


Stanley Bostitch Parts Kits

Bostitch parts or parts kits for Bostitch nailers and staplers, clip and hog ring tools are available online. Buy parts kits including o-ring kits, trigger valve kits bumper and complete rebuild kits. Read more...

Staplers | Staples

View our complete line of Bostitch staplers and Bostitch staples are available online.

Shop for Senco staplers and staples to fit you Senco stapler. Buy staples for any stapling application.

Staples fit: Atro - Stanley Bostitch - Bea - Craftsman - DeWalt - DuoFast - Hitachi - Makita - Porter Cable - Paslode - Senco

Staplers and staples for construction, furniture and industrial staple guns. Buy galvanized staples or stainless steel staples and fasteners for any application are here.

Shop for foot operated or electrically operated floor staplers and manual or air staplers:

  • • - Box & Metal Stitching Wire is available. More info...
  • • - Get carton closing staplers More info...
  • • - Find finish narrow crown staplers here online. More info...
  • • - Buy fine medium wire staplers wire funiture staplers. More info...
  • • - Check our complete selection of heavy wire 15, 16 or 17 gauge staplers for heavy duty applications. More info...
  • • - Manual plier staplers, hammer staplers and Bostitch hand hammer tackers are available. Read more.
  • • - Order air plier staplers online. More info...

Discover our stapler and staple products for any stapling application including... Read more

BeA Staplers and Staples

Buy a full-line of staplers manufactured by BeA and staples to fit your tool online.

Stanley Bostitch® air, electric or manual staplers and Bostitch® staples for your staple gun.

Bostitch® Staplers

Stanley Bostitch® Staples

We carry Bostitch staplers and staples. Buy Bostitch air, electric or manual staplers and Bostitch staples. We sell box closing staplers including carton coil staplers for high capacity stapling applications. Order fine and medium wire furniture or upholstery staples. Read more...

BeA air or manual staplers and BeA staples for BeA staple guns.

BeA® Staplers

Pneumatic or Manual Staples

Air or manual BeA staplers and BeA staplesare available. We sell a complete selection of construction and industrial BeA staplers for for most stapling application. Order your fastening tools or fasteners online now!

Senco air or manual staplers and Senco staples for Senco staple guns.

Senco® Staplers

Huge Selection of Staples

Senco staples are available. Order Senco finish, fine, light or medium wire staples. Carton staples, Senco Plier staples and wide crown or heavy duty staples are here online.

Spenax air hog ring tools or manual hog ring pliers for Stanley Spenax flex C rings or D rings for Spenax hog ring guns.

Hog Ringers

Pneumatic Collated Hog Rings

Spenax air hog ring tools or manual hog ring pliers for Stanley Spenax flex C hog rings or D hog rings are here. We sell galvanized, stainless steel, or aluminum hog rings. Buy 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch, 11/16 and 3/4 c-ring tools. Larger collated ring guns include 1 1/16 or 1 1/2 inch diameter.

Hog Ring Tools | Hog Rings

Buy pneumatic or manual ringers and rings.

Buy pneumatic or manual hog ring tools and hog rings online.

Flex C ring pliers - D hog ring tools

Collated Hog Rings

Aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized. Genuine Hog Ring Pliers - Hog Ringers

Hog Rings fit: Stanley Spenax Hog Ringers - Spenax Pneumatic Hog Ring Guns - Spenax Manual Hog Ring Pliers

Buy collated galvanized hog rings, stainless steel hog rings, aluminum hog rings or coated Spenax collated hog rings are available. Order Flex C Rings or Flex D Rings. Read more...

Hartco® clip tools and machines for Hartco® clips and LockNails™ for Hartco clip guns.

Hartco® Clinch Systems

Collated Clips

Hartco clip tools and machines for Hartco clips and LockNails™ are available. Stainless steel, galvanized and aluminum clinch clips, cushion clinch clips or spring anchor clips are available online. Read more...

Large Plastic Bags - Pallet Covers

Pallet Bags for protecting industrial and commercial products or equipment during shipping and storage.

Order large poly bags - pallet covers here today online. Each roll of... Read more.

Building Materials: Poly Covers - Large Plastic Bags

Sheetrock Covers, Drywall Bags, Lumber & Cement Bags

Protect your products from the elements. Covers for construction materials, industrial equipment, pallets and furniture are here. Our large poly covers are center-folded for easy... Read more.

Request your quote for orders of coil nails, stick nails, hog rings, carton staples and large poly bags for drywall and other building materials online.

Stanley Bostitch Repair Kits

Senco air nailers and pneumatic collated nails are available for Senco staple guns.

Spenax | Bostitch

Parts Lists | Schematics

Buy parts kits to repair Stanley Bostitch online.